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Faster Running

Achieving the running speed that you need is not only a matter of having the will and endurance. There are many other factors involved. Most runners find it difficult to increase their running speeds because of different reasons. For some, it the lack of the will power, others lack of muscle endurance or even breathing speed. Runners must first identify what hinders them from running faster before they engage in any exercises. When you know your problem, it is easier for you to deal with it effectively.

Muscle fatigue is one of the factors that can hinder your ability when working on your speed. Some people cannot run continuously for as short as ten minutes because their muscles just won't allow them to do so. For people to have muscles endurance, they frequently need to do exercises that involve their muscles. Having muscle endurance ensures that you do not experience too much muscle pain during after training. Muscle endurance exercises differ from person to person so you should also know what best suits you and what will help you with your speed.

Other runners are slowed down by very small problems like breathing. When they try to increase their speed, they cannot breath properly therefore making it difficult to continue running. Running fast requires fast breathing speeds and runners need to develop this. People who want to be able to run faster can increase their breathing speeds by doing breathing practices everyday. This may sound stupid to many but doing breath in and breath out exercises can help a runner increase their running speed.

To be able to run faster, you also need to lose weight but not strength. Excess body mass acts against motion, and makes it difficult for someone to get faster. You must be ready to lose more weight if your goal is to increase your speed. Do exercise that burn excess calories and fat in your body to lose weight and once you have lost the weight, you will have the ability to get much faster.

You are also supposed to stay fit at all times for speed training. Most people confuse fitness and thinness and these are two different aspects of the human body. You can be thin and unfit. If you are fit, you can be able to engage in more endurance physical activities that increase your running speed.

Any runner who is physically fit and healthy can achieve higher running speeds. Make sure that your brain is also up to the task to mentally withstand some of the issues that come with training such as mental and physical burnout. If you have a combination of these traits plus muscle endurance and the required breathing speed, you will be able to run faster by training consistently.
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