Activity Is Essential

In the world of today children have too many ways of passing the time that don't involve them actually moving. This is a huge problem, as it's contributing the high level of obesity in children being experienced around the world. To avoid this, parents need to find fun ways to keep their children active that get them outside and away from any distractions that might tempt them to sit down and waste their time being inactive.

Parks and fields are great places to take children to give them wide open spaces around which to run. Parks have lots of equipment that children love to play on, and even though it's a struggle to initially get them to use it they'll find they love it after a few minutes. Even just an hour of exercise every day will contribute to a child being healthier. Without exercise all of the energy children have will turn into frustration at parents, and lots more arguments will be had as a result. Children will also start to gain weight due to inactivity, which is dangerous for them as their young bodies aren't yet able to cope with the stresses of excess weight, which could end up having serious ramifications in later life.

Going for a bike ride with children is really easy and can be done every day during the summer holidays. Encouraging long bike rides will inspire children to go out on their own and with friends when they're older, as they'll have that experience behind them of riding bikes everywhere already. 

The same goes for walking out in the countryside. As children grow they will become more independent and can go wherever they want with their friends, a healthy exploring nature should be developed in children, as they'll never be scared to try new things after that.

At the end of the day, parents need to make sure their children don't turn into couch potatoes who do nothing all day. If children start to head this way in how they spend their time then parents must intervene, as they're too young to realise how bad doing nothing all day is for them. A healthy balance between being active and inactive should be maintained in children, as they will wear themselves out and become ill if active all the time, and equally they will become obese if constantly inactive, for the early years of a child's life it's up to the parents to choose when these times get out of hand in either direction.


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