Walking For Weight Loss

Walking For Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss is an excellent way to "introduce" daily physical activity into your lifestyle, especially if you're wanting to get SERIOUS about weight loss but find it really difficult to even fathom going to a gym... yikes!!

This is what I did: walked.

And while I struggled to lose weight (for years and years might I add) I found that in that beginning phase where you really aren't sure about what will work for you and your body (and of course there's the lack of confidence, at least for me) I found that walking was the BEST and fastest way for me to improve upon my physical health and it got me motivated to try other things.
Yes at first it was a bit of a chore, but that was my lazy bone speaking to me.
However, I promise you that the minute you have your walking shoes on and you've arrived at your starting point you get a kind of "adrenaline rush" so-to-speak, and next thing you know you're feeling so much better about yourself. It feels awesome!

Here's what I love about walking...

-walking is low impact - if you're overweight or have sore joints then walking is your best bet
-walking increases your metabolism - with this comes more calories burned, especially at resting
 point, and ultimately leads to fat (weight) loss
-walking helps your cardiovascular health - once you can get your heart rate up your heart gets pumping and your body will adjust to more rigorous exercise making weight loss even quicker to achieve
-walking uphill can help lower your cholesterol
-walking downhill will reduce your blood sugar levels
-walking will help reduce your risk of developing diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, and strokes
-walking tones your abdominal, leg and butt muscles
-AND let's face it, anyone with a pair of legs can do this and it's FREE!

If you're wondering just how much weight you might lose if you're walking for weight loss then I have to tell you that it really depends on you; what your motivation will be and whether you will stick to it or not...

I've had a lot of dieters come to me over the years and ask what's my "secret"? I tell them that losing weight is broken down into many different factors, but CHOOSING to follow through on your exercise plan is definitely one of the most important pieces of the pie.
That's why walking works - it is probably the easiest way to kick start anyone's weight loss plan.
So, if you're looking to lose 5 pounds, 20 pounds of even 150 pounds, we all know that we're in the same boat here guys! But it means getting off the couch and MOVING. There's a Science to it, but it's really not all that complicated:
Eat healthy (calorie intake) + exercise (calories burned) = weight loss.
Voila! Thanks for reading:)
I'm Sara Reynolds. Thanks for reading my article! For more tips on walking for weight loss and other dieting ideas come take a peek at my Healthy Weight Loss Journal today!

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