Two Great Pump Up Your Muscle Techniques

Muscle Techniques

It has been a while my friends and I truly apologize for that, it's just that so many things have taken my time away from me from writing articles and once again I am truly sorry about that.

Anyways enough of that, I am here today to give my readers another great article today, which they could use in pursuit of them building up the body they have always dreamed of.

The techniques that will be explained in this article are on how to pump up your muscles, so without further adieu lets get started.

What is the pump?:

Many people in the gym may have experienced the pump if they have been training properly by putting enough intensity in their workouts rather then just slacking around. However, few people know what the pump is. The pump is when nutrient rich blood rushes in to your muscles thus giving you the feeling of your muscles being pumped up with air.

The pump is your bodies defensive mechanism which signals that your muscles are getting broken down and that your body must repair or do something about it immediately. That is exactly the type of response you want from your body, because without breaking down your muscles you wont grow!

First technique:

The first technique which you could use in the gym in order for you to get the pump is to squeeze your muscles very hard at the top of the exercise movement and slowly lower the weight down for the negative part of the exercise movement.

I do not know what it is but there is something about squeezing and flexing your muscles at the top of the movement that greatly increases your chance of getting a pump and not to mention the negative part of the rep will break down your muscles and make the exercise harder for you.

Second technique:

The second technique which I recommend you to do in the gym is to train intensely. Yes, you might have heard me say this before but to get the most out of your time in the gym and to get the most out of your bodybuilding training you must train with enough intensity. By training intensely you will not only increase your chance of getting a pump but you will also get stronger and bigger.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will enjoy future articles because there are many more to come!
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